Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Mmmmmmmmmm. CHIPS. Kale Chips that is!

It’s true I am a chip monster! There is just something about the crunch factor that I just can’t seem to get enough of.  I wouldn’t be a true hardcore foodie if I didn’t have some food vices up my sleeve to fess up to you.  We all do, really its unavoidable when food tastes as incredible as it does.
 When I came across the amazing thing that is kale chips melting in my mouth, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I was super - duper extra excited! This is kale? And it is raw? The double WOW factor set in.
I know what you might be thinking: Kale chips?  Sounds dull, gross, boring, too healthy to taste good - but I assure you…
NONE of the ABOVE!!!! Take my word for it; I would not lie about food.
They are crunchy, succulent, scrumptious, flavourful, healthy and easy as hell to make.
I’m not saying you wont be tempted to reach for a bag of deep fried potatoes once in a while, but when you have piles of kale chips readily available at your fingertips in your cupboard… it will be a lot easier to make the healthy choice! They are just as good as chips, without all the extra crap you don’t need to be putting in your body. You are eating living enzymes - chips that are good for you!
Who would have thunk it?
Raw food is the bomb shit. If you don’t get addicted to these amazing morsels, then you should get you taste buds looked at by a doctor!
They are super easy to make too. You make some yummy dressing and you massage it into the kale (or other green leafs), pop it in the dehydrator overnight and voila!!!
Easy as pie, if pie is actually easy.
Some ideas for flavours:
Salt and vinegar
Cheesy nutritional yeast, tahini and lemon
Yumm in my Tumm!!