Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Foodie For Life!

The food obsession continues!
Food is my life.
I create it, eat it, read about it, breath it, constantly think about it, talk non-stop about it, write menus, host dinner parties, eat it,  collect food books, educate about it,  organize it, photograph it, and now blog about it!
FOOD! ! ! 
I've decided to start my blog with desserts. I got hired to make some wheat and sugar free Cakes for a birthday party last week. So the mind set started.. What kind? Which natural sweetener? What kind of frosting? How to decorate the cakes? All the fun questions that go into making an incredible food creation! Yes, I'm a total geek and proud of it.
I decided on making a walnut/raisin triple layered crust with strawberries between layers, topped off with a pecan, cocoa, agave, vanilla bean frosting! YUMMMMMMY! It was damn incredible! Very decadent.
I was actually only hired to make one cake, but I tend to go a bit overboard and was kind of worried there would not be enough cake, and that would just be wrong! Share the love...or cake.
I also made a delicious Carrot Cake with dates, and raisins throughout. It was topped with a coconut frosting, beautifully decorated with a hint of orange shredded carrot.
As I am always in my kitchen making some delicious thing to devour, I will now be sharing my creations with all of you. Check back for salivating photos, recipes and food fun!

Corinna in the kitchen

Chocolate-Strawberry Decadence
Carrot Coconut Love Cake

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